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MBC Gel-Tech

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                                                      MBC Mattress Company is a wholesale-only manufacturer of quality mattresses, box springs and foundations.

                                                      MBC Mattress has been family-owned and operated since 1980. Our extensive customer base includes retail furniture stores, hotels/motels, colleges and universities in Central & Southern California, and care facilities.

We offer the widest selection of any manufacturer at competitive prices with quick turnaround, superior service

With nearly 30 styles to choose from, why buy from anyone else? Our mattress line offers the broadest price range and style options to suit every taste and budget. Your customers will love our beds, you will love our prices, quality and excellent service!

The MBC Gel-Tech  the best value in the MBC .With a Comfort Scale rating of 5 and a firmness Scale of 3 this mattress. Provides full perimeter reinforcement with high density foam making this mattress more durable. Increases usable sleep space by up to 20%. Visco-elastic memory foam contours to the body and relieves pressure points. The Gel Viscomemory foam   reduces heat by pulling it away from the body, so you stay cooler at night. It has a higher supportfactor than regular memory foam. Nano Pocket coils relaxes your muscles during natural sleep movements, comforting and supporting your body during a good night's rest.


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TWIN$  999.99$  889.99
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